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    Contact us

    Add: Wangkui Economic Development Zone, Heilongjiang, China
    P.C.: 152100
    Contact: Manager Guo
    Fax: +86-455-6776066
    Tel: +86-15184562288 /+86-18218955555
       +86-455-6776055 /6776099
    URL: www.hljcyjc.com
    E-mail: hljcyjc@163.com

    About us

    Heilongjiang province beyond building materials Co., Ltd. is located in Heilongjiang Wangkui Economic Development Zone. It is integrated of production and sale of exterior wall insulation and decoration plate. Currently it has 120 employees.
    Compare with other products, our products have advantages in heat insulation, waterproof, inflaming retarding, light weight, anti-knock, construction convenience, sound insulation, appearance, colors and patterns aspects. In recent years, our products are welcomed in Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces. And they are highly praised by wide users.
    In addition, Heilongjiang CHAOYUE Construction Material Co., Ltd. has gained powerful support by each level of government. And our company has made great contribution to local economic and social development.


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